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September 09, 2021

Are Smart Locks Worth It In El Paso

Do you often think about upgrading your locks? As one would expect, you could go the conventional route and install a reinforced deadbolt, or you could choose keyless with a keypad system. With that being said, if you want the most high-tech, you can get a smart locking solution that has the ability to link into your home security system.

But are smart locks worth it in El Paso? Or are you squandering your cash on unnecessarily complex products?

Key Locks Versus Smart Locks in El Paso

When it comes to locking systems, you have various options. With that in mind, you will discover nearly all entry doors are made secure by a keyed deadbolt or a locking handle, a deadbolt with keypad, or a smart solution integrated into your home security. Turn the key on a standard deadbolt, and the metal bar slides through the strike plate which is connected to your door frame. The bolts have the option of being a door handle lock that’s operated via a spring, which means the door is more difficult to force open with a a tool like a crowbar. If you don't want to trouble yourself with a key, you can install a touch-pad solution that activates the bolt through a 3-4 button pin code.

Smart locks are integrated products that is a popular alternative for your traditional entry locks. Similar to touchpad solution, you enter a PIN code to unlock your doors. However, when using a smart lock, you get to link up to your property’s wireless network or home security system to add even more features. Through a mobile app, you can:

● Activate your door locks remotely

● Create custom PIN numbers for family members and friends

● Receive a phone text when your door is unlocked

● Create short-term entry codes for visitors

When Are Smart Locks Worth It In El Paso?

If you are thinking about using a couple smart locks as substitutes for standard keyed entries, you may or may not think they are worth the effort. It would add convenience to operate your locks from work, but it really depends on the make or model of how well they work. When installing a single solution not integrated to your security, ensure that your smart lock uses up-to-date encryption and features a smartphone app that gets regular updates.

But keep in mind, the real advantage of a smart lock is experienced when integrating it with your home security system. Now you can make your locks interact with other security devices to upgrade your home’s defense and make your life easier. To illustrate, when your smart doorbell camera identifies a visitor coming up to your home, your smart locks have the ability to click shut automatically. Or set geotracking on your phone’s security app and have your doors automatically unlock as you pull up the drive. You even have the option to program an alarm to sound if a visitor tries to punch in the wrong lock code numerous times.

When you weigh the benefits, a smart lock is worth it in El Paso if you incorporate it to your comprehensive security system!

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